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Roll Off Containers

Dumpster Safety

Unsafe Dumpster

Overfilled dumpsters lead to unsafe driving conditions if not partially unfilled.

At River City Rubbish dumpster safety is something we take very seriously. We have seen pretty much everything people can do with a dumpster, and while most people use them responsibly every once and a while people forget to think about safety.

We take the safety of our drivers extremely seriously, and on the note over filled cans are not just a nuisance but also a safety hazard. Dumpsters like the one below will not only get you charged a maintenance fee, but they are also unsafe for our drivers and anyone on the road around them. If we see a can like this our driver will move onto the next job, and we will return when the can is no longer overfilled to pick it up.

At River City Rubbish we aren’t only concerned about the safety of

Dumpster propping up ladder

Ladder on Dumpster

our drivers we are also concerned about the motorists around them  and that is why we cannot take overfilled cans. We also hope our customers use the cans safely and wisely. After to being in the rental dumpster business for well over a decade we thought we had seen it all, but we recently ran across a new unsafe use of a dumpster. This man on a ladder that was in the dumpster was a new and very unsafe way to use any roll off dumpster.

Once again River City Rubbish’s top priority with rental dumpsters is safety. we keep all of our dumpsters in top shape, and pull any dumpsters in bad shape off of the road. We do this to ensure our dumpsters are safe for our drivers and for everyone else as well. At River City Rubbish we have promised you top notch customer service along with safety for over a decade  and we look forward to serving all of your roll off dumpster needs in a safe manor for year to come.


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